• esquinadorsal_oficial4 days ago

    Subo fotos de esquinas cada día

  • keezy1.k4 days ago

    y the pizza look mad dry

  • most_liked_mango4 days ago

    Can the pic on my profile be one of the most liked fruits on insta??!

  • lilystewartz4 days ago


  • abbypearll4 days ago

    @blairdos this is what I was talking about the other night

  • blairdos4 days ago

    @abbypearll well shit hey

  • logan_mutter4 days ago

    Why does it need a stand 😂

  • anthnoto4 days ago

    @leadiiorio wtffff

  • world.record.oj4 days ago

    You gonna ignore the fact that I’m the sexiest glass of OJ around?💦😍

  • jtx774 days ago


  • ratzmoonmopes4 days ago

    @alberich_bartosch anyone who gets annoyed at things that make no sense to be annoyed at should be crucified

  • leadiiorio4 days ago

    @anthnoto ahahah you gotta be a scemo not to know that

  • maetrisha3 days ago


  • supraja.x3 days ago

    @im_keerthi111 why are we existing?😭😂

  • worldrecordbaycon3 days ago

    Today years old seems like a trend nowadays🤔

  • niinx.x3 days ago


  • victor_little13 days ago

    @lilystewartz thata it

  • jannickemailen3 days ago

    @maetrisha i know

  • chrisb0943 days ago

    That pizzas gonna catch a cold like that.

  • jhittt3 days ago

    There's literally no point

  • alyssablanda3 days ago

    It doesn’t make a difference

  • charrwashington3 days ago


  • b.lundback3 days ago

    Most useless tip ever. They lay flat anyways

  • cakes.pau3 days ago


  • maddymero3 days ago

    Whys pizza need a stand it's already in a box hahah

  • nataliekkerr3 days ago

    @hard.broyled an inch is not that long

  • hard.broyled3 days ago

    @nataliekkerr that’s what I’m saying

  • glossytigers3 days ago

    follow me I post memes!

  • _.neena3 days ago

    @andleeb_17 @alilia88

  • pabloyaper3 days ago

    Y'all are just finding new ways to use sht it's not the original function mfccas wat if you only have one pizza

  • taydavis.13 days ago

    so convenient!!!!!

  • im_keerthi1113 days ago

    @supraja.x we will try this out next time 😂

  • hxmza.m2 days ago


  • nisha_boo491 day ago


  • travelornot18 hours ago

    Wow , I really apreciate your page !

  • arabelllllllaaaaaa15 hours ago


  • bhavayashree2 hours ago

    @_ananth1 when is our pizza date.

  • _ananth12 hours ago

    @bhavayashree whenever you wish sweetheart

  • bhavayashree2 hours ago

    @_ananth1 rn

  • elizabeth_idrc40 minutes ago

    Wait what?!