1 week ago
Be mindful of the online world. When you let yourself go, you run into the danger of slipping too far into it & losing a sense of real life, real self and real priorities. It can distract people so much from reality that they may forget who they really are! It’s happening now!😎 * * * * * * * #cfd #sunday #happysunday #carfreedayjakarta #instagood #instamood #instamoment #instafoto #instastory #instasports #instalike #instalife



  • warmhouse.rose1 week ago

    foto nya bagus2 feed nya πŸ‘

  • grosir_karpet_bulu_berkualitas1 week ago

    Keren kak fotonya, sukaaakπŸ‘πŸΌ Mampir ke profil ku dong kak, ada koleksi karpet lucu lohh untuk dekorasi kamar 😊

  • grosir_baju_pasangan1 week ago

    wih wih keren photonya hehe.. oh ya bantu taq temennya dong ke ig aku yv punya pasangan hehe..

  • nuninglistyarini1 week ago

    @warmhouse.rose tq

  • nuninglistyarini1 week ago

    @grosir_baju_pasangan okπŸ‘

  • sehat_cepat_alami041 week ago

    Hallo kak, kami sedang menggadakan diskon, ayo segera cek instagram kami, jangan sampai kelewatan ya kak :)

  • batikfanni.pekalongan1 week ago

    Dapatkan cashback sampai 10k utk promo awal tahuun .. yuk kak mampir ig kami πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ