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My weekend plans consist of stretching & lounging around on the floor 😅 I’m sore as heck but gotta keep working towards crafting the boulder shoulders tonight! What’s everyone else up to tonight? 🤓 Outfit: @gymshark Small Energy seamless set . . . #gymshark #gymsharkwomen #gymshark66 #curves #body #nude #beige #latina #smile #goodnight #latenight #gymmotivation #fit #fitnessmotivation #fitnessmodel #cute #selfie #me #igdaily #igers #instagood #saturday #saturdaynight #strongwomen #girlswholift #goodvibes #strongnotskinny #fitgirl



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  • rain_of_aquarius5 days ago

    I hear ya! I’m lifting. I’m working on some thick thighs and a rounder butt. It’s hard. I feel like I’ve been going at this for some time now. The grind never stops.

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  • not_white_lightning25 days ago

    Extra thick

  • jacebennit5 days ago

    Rewatching Game of thrones. Showing my nurse/friend what he’s missed out on. On season 7 episode 5. I’ve watched this series 3 times and will never get sick of it. So excited for April! Stay Happy Taco 🙂♿️ I’ll never stop telling you that. (Unless it annoys you, then I’ll stop 😂😂)

  • christian_serrato975 days ago

    More resting for me. Maybe 2 more days and I'll be back on my grind! tac0Flex tac0Love.

  • carlosordonez2219965 days ago

    #WCE 😍

  • thebesttacoo5 days ago

    @jacebennit thanks for the positive vibes as always ☺️❤️

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    Beautiful but sexy looks

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    hola guapa

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    Go Rams!!!✌🏻

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    Вы мне нравитесь🌹 Желаю хорошего дня.

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    Every success has a price tag : Hustle . . . The person who is willing to pay it, wins the battle. . . . . Follow @viralyouofficial for such amazing motivation quotes.

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    ❤️❤️ #FINE

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    Lol that #Nude 😳😍 if only 🔥🔥🌮🔥🔥

  • kbreezy4ever5 days ago

    #staygrindin 💪Boulder status in progress

  • dor.fitness5 days ago

    Looking on point girl ✅ keep crushing it and have an amazing weekend 🥰🥰

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  • yordan.pet5 days ago

    Well mine is work work work and again work. 😅

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    Nice Post! :)

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    We’d love to have you model! Dm us for more info! 💚

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    That Bicep vein 👌💪

  • nikomcsc4 days ago

    The real question is, have you replaced every outfit in ur closet with workout clothes? 🤔 lol

  • thebesttacoo4 days ago

    @nikomcsc yes LOL