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I’ve been seeing a lot lately something like “ life doesn’t suck unless your look on it does” & it has completely changed me so far. I’ve always been a believer of everything happens for a reason. I believe in God & I believe everything is a lesson & there’s always a meaning behind things. Family’s going through a rough patch, and I AM THE ONE who has to remind everyone is going to be okay. They keep looking for me for positivity & I never thought I’d be the one to try & keep this family up. ⠀ SHIT HAPPENS. It’s up to you if you see a positive or negative way towards it. Life’s really to short. Anything can happen at any moment. Enjoy it. Take the punches as it comes & learn & et STRONGER from it, don’t let it make you weaker. ⠀ Thanks for coming to Taimi’s Talk 🙈



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    Love them lips

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    @brittanytcoyle it was staring to come off 😩😩 but thank you! 🙏🏼

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    So gorgeous 😍 love the lip color!

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    This a good look!

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    Jesus sent me an Angel from Heaven! 😘❤️😍

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    @lucasrstafford & he sent me YOU baby 🌹🌹

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    Love this. You look beautiful

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    Stunning both you and the caption 👏

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    So true girl ❤️ once I realized that things changed for me too

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    Che spettacolo questo scatto 🔥

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    Le labbra scure ti stanno benissimo ❤️

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    @alysaspicturess thank you!!! 💕

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    @kurryious for sure!! Life’s too short man! ❤️

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    Love the strong and positive vibes!! 🖤

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    @wendy_yen1 thank you!! 🥰 I was feeling inspirational 😊

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    You look gorgeous babe

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