• osamanotshot4 days ago

    Hey did y’all know osama makes memes?

  • _daniel_barnard_4 days ago


  • imsamthegreat4 days ago

    Or they’ll know you’re high all the time

  • 6oss_64 days ago

    Im tryna tell u

  • lovmusik4 days ago

    Imma follow even though I found this using the Fortnite hashtag lmao

  • shuzukani20134 days ago

    Ok i gotta get high all the time lol

  • tian_xiomya4 days ago

    Every time I’m high someone notices 💀

  • _kxng.dee4 days ago

    If your always high they will know your high

  • francescaford1234 days ago

    It’s true, but it makes being sober dangerous.

  • mc.mootens4 days ago


  • _lucas_okano4 days ago


  • luciantahu4 days ago


  • juan_chadwick_94 days ago

    Hahaha they will just think ur weird af

  • instafunallday4 days ago

    Love it!

  • cocothebunnyo4 days ago

    Follow me and I’ll like as many of your posts as I can in one minute

  • lilwahve4 days ago

    @joe_dtd this is u ... @toxictaylorr and you 😂

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  • instafunallday4 days ago

    Love it!

  • rishi.bhoj4 days ago

    @_daniel_barnard_ oh damn

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  • senggaga4 days ago

    ✅I love this share😀

  • calitooturnt4 days ago

    Caption is 🔥

  • daninicely4 days ago

    @_giaaduran #work 🤣

  • _giaaduran4 days ago

    @daninicely i moss those days 💕😂

  • is_this_the_krusty_krab.v44 days ago

    Ur gonna ignore the fact that I post dank memes

  • brialmartin4 days ago


  • polxrz4 days ago

    not gonna lie im probably the best fortnite console player i have a 28 win percentage and 2951 wins epic id is animal ranch plus i just posted

  • duecesdean224 days ago

    @owen.cross3 since they think ur high

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  • owen.cross33 days ago

    @duecesdean22 smh😂

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  • memez_with_lean3 days ago

    Go like the Lego right now or else you will encounter stepping on one in your near future andim sorry for promoting someone else and atleast it’s not self promotion @can_lego_get_1_million_likes

  • abbie_dawnnn3 days ago

    One time my dad’s boss man accused him of smoking weed on the job and my dad was like “Aaron, how many times have you seen me high” and Aaron was like “maybe twice” and my dad goes “WRONG. You’ve never seen me while I was not higher than giraffe pussy” and Aaron fired him and I’ll never forget that

  • oliver_clozov3 days ago

    Haha that's exactly what I say!😂😂😂😂😂😂

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  • cassidy_andrews232 days ago

    @_taylorthomass_ 😭😂