#Family I couldn’t be any happier ───────────── PC: @jessica.hikes Edit: © Goldilockѕ αиd τhe ωolf ρhoτogrαρhγ



  • khalothemutt5 days ago

    omg stop this is so cute ❤️

  • sarahandcandy5 days ago

    So a cute family 😍🐾

  • ailo_ask5 days ago

    This is so cute 🙈😍

  • lady_viper5 days ago

    U(๑› ̫ ‹๑)U💞( ⸝⸝⸝•ᴗ•⸝⸝⸝ )♡︎♡/(・ × ・)\💕

  • little.vikink5 days ago

    Hi! Do you know any Huskies breeding in Europe, but where they have agouti, like your Kyro or similar? ❤

  • co.loradohusky5 days ago

    So fuzzy!

  • uriyvasuitinski5 days ago

    Hey. is it a husky

  • wangshihchun5 days ago

    So cute, so sweet, so warmed

  • precious_today5 days ago

    Lovely 😍😍😍

  • donna.crandall.585 days ago

    I envy you

  • river_racers5 days ago

    Family 😘😘😍

  • tedy_the_chocolate_lab5 days ago

    Awww cute family pic💖🐶

  • fenris_the_vikingdog5 days ago

    Beautiful 💙

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  • any.islas.75 days ago

    💕💕 beautiful pic 💕💕

  • grasslmaria4 days ago

    Love this happy pic❤️

  • miathemixbreedmutt4 days ago

    Thank you for making my Instagram go amazing with this post! 🐾🐾 Have an amazing week! 😍

  • goldilocksandthewolf4 days ago

    @little.vikink I am not located in Europe, so do not know. @ninja.vom.wolfstor is the closet I know to Europe and may be able to help.

  • goldilocksandthewolf4 days ago

    @little.vikink you should also never shop specifically for color, or coat type. Temperament, health and fit are most important. You can have an ideal color in mind, but don’t allow that to be the main reason you get a certain dog. ☺️

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  • american_akita_mustang4 days ago

    Aww 100% pure love!!! 😍😍😍

  • lisahalfon4 days ago

    Precious pic

  • m_y_stephenson4 days ago

    @lynnesky1 max and Angela

  • goldilocksandthewolf4 days ago

    @uriyvasuitinski Kyro is a husky mix, mainly Siberian at ~80%. Dovahkiin is a very low content wolfdog ~20% who has Siberian in his make up.

  • jmke.visuals4 days ago

    Nice shot here 👊

  • doggygifts4 days ago

    Puppy hugs!! 🐶 Hope you’re having a wonderful day our friend! 🤗

  • sukiicat4 days ago

    Cuddle puddle 😻

  • goldilocksandthewolf4 days ago

    @sukiicat yes! They are such cuddly boys! We need suki in this photo! And you 😜

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  • thecabinbythelake4 days ago

    Best buddies

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    such a lovely picture! 🐺

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    I am thankful everyday for the beauty and perspective you share with so many.

  • maajsad3 days ago

    waw you are nice

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    So cute I want one!

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