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  • taliaronen4 days ago

    @dinagersh04 I'll think about it

  • instafashionfeeds4 days ago


  • devinkhari4 days ago

    This hard re

  • 605punx4 days ago

    I worked at a t-shirt printing company for awhile, and wow I’ve never seen such horrible design 😂😂

  • levante.co4 days ago


  • ndarumarvintha4 days ago

    @anndyshinta apik coyy

  • ndarumarvintha4 days ago

    @anndyshinta tapi pek jareku kene diganti galaxy

  • lucie_rosecka_4 days ago

    😂😂😂😂nooo nevím hele😂😂

  • foodpsychoo4 days ago

    shit so cool

  • wiktorialungu4 days ago

    До первой стирки

  • nabilama64 days ago


  • sophiia.luna4 days ago

    this is the ugliest tshirt I've ever seen

  • nyokubo4 days ago

    @bldsckr píllate este adefesio de tip D:

  • bldsckr4 days ago

    @nyokubo jajajajajajajajajs kuin

  • ideastrick4 days ago


  • iurchenko.2.03 days ago


  • slayingteenposts3 days ago


  • kaileyiscol23 days ago

    Ohhh fuck nooo what the fuck is thissss !!??? Lmaooo this ain’t it sis

  • frankie_is_cranky_bro3 days ago

    Ew that shirt

  • _a_clarke3 days ago

    If anyone knows how printing shirts work, these will wash off js

  • elethea_stoker3 days ago

    Who would wear these honestly

  • lfdsi3 days ago


  • candibyrum3 days ago

    Horrible looking shirts!!!

  • garniermatheus3 days ago

    Aii nao gostei não

  • garniermatheus3 days ago


  • lareina512xx3 days ago


  • _pittima2 days ago

    The first shirt looks so bad

  • erinsassmann2 days ago

    These are very ugly who would ever want these?

  • rileyneper2 days ago

    @hadley.neper that queen shirt is sooooo you hahhaa

  • alvna.6172 days ago

    These comments have me dying, yall are brutally honest as shit 😂😂

  • ks_leaozinha2 days ago

    @ptkirido vc q gosta

  • niche._.avocados2 days ago

    @closetsdgirl are u paid to say that?

  • vezirpromosyon2 days ago


  • w.alexander.s2 days ago

    Wtf looks like shit.

  • pusspusslord1 day ago

    even I could come up with better designs, and I'm a cat 😑

  • livlivwonder241 day ago

    I worked for a t-shirt company... so all I could see was how hella crooked the print was😂😂😂

  • issa.frims12 hours ago

    1st one was ugly af

  • czt110910 hours ago

    @pye99 幹醜啊