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peaches and cream oatmeal 🧑 the stone fruit here is on another level! So sweet and so juicy πŸ‘ Plus the best coconut yogurt in the world... this combo never disappoints 🀀 I think I am going to have to start making my own coconut yogurt after we leave, because nothing else I have ever bought compares to this stuff! Very few ingredients (no sugar) and so thick (almost like a Greek yogurt texture) 😍 I’ve also been loving making creamier oats like this by giving my rolled oats a few pulses in the nutribullet! So good! Do you like your oatmeal like porridge or thicker like rolled oats? πŸ₯£



  • brett_rae_5 days ago


  • herbivorous.leigh5 days ago

    This looks SO good 😍 I just bought peaches today, now I'm hoping their ripe for breakfast tomorrow lol

  • themindfulstrawberry5 days ago

    You make the best breakfast 😍

  • sofeezombie5 days ago

    The coconut yogurt in NZ was to die for as well. If you end up making your own, let us know if!

  • iknowwhyimhere5 days ago

    @charlotte922270 have you tried so delicious?

  • paige.wardd5 days ago

    i like quick oats with a bit less liquid until it’s almost like a cake 😍 sometimes i also like them nice and creamy though!! totally depends on the dag

  • paige.wardd5 days ago

    @paige.wardd day*

  • ediehut5 days ago

    @maddielymburner thank you ❀

  • mymagicjourney5 days ago

    😍😍😍🀀 I loveeee THICK oats lol

  • herbalandgummies5 days ago

    YUM 😍❀️😍

  • diazcummings5 days ago

    I’m sure all canned peaches have sugar but this time of year I suppose is hard to get decent peaches. Even in summer it’s hit or miss. What do you do?

  • amadejasovic5 days ago

    I love my oats as creamy as possible πŸ˜‹πŸ™Œ

  • maddielymburner5 days ago

    @diazcummings I eat what’s in season!

  • adriannaforlicz5 days ago

    This looks delicious!

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  • hello.greenseeker5 days ago

    This looks so yum 🐌

  • julia.moorefield5 days ago

    creamy oats all the way. I like mine almost like soup. I can’t stand thick oats

  • stargirl_22115 days ago

    Creamier like a porridge! Will you share your coconut yogurt recipe? Please.

  • veganismfuckyeah5 days ago

    thick but with coconut milk poured over 🀩🀀

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  • meleezacomeaux5 days ago

    🧑🧑🧑 #yummaf

  • wanderlustwithplants5 days ago

    Looks so dreamy 😻✨

  • kim_cote15 days ago

    Anyway is a good way.

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  • charlotte9222704 days ago

    @iknowwhyimhere Yes I find that it has an odd aftertaste tooπŸ˜“πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

  • veryberryfreshlife4 days ago

    Like porridge πŸ₯£ 😊

  • vegchee4 days ago

    Ohh this looks so good!!😍

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  • pjantbased4 days ago

    I make rice porridge, and it’s good both ways! Totally depends on my mood πŸ˜‚

  • youdontknow_jackfruit4 days ago

    Yum that looks amazing

  • danielle_jeune4 days ago

    I want this

  • samanthabuckson974 days ago

    This is mine kind of breakfast to want

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  • leslie0320003 days ago

    Looks tasty

  • soybabie_3 days ago

    Delicious combo πŸ€€πŸŒΏπŸ’˜

  • emyyme143 days ago

    @chonharvey if you wanted to try it

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  • brownjennifer4502 days ago

    @maddielymburner yummy

  • modernflourish1 day ago

    Those toppings make this oatmeal look good and tasty! Much better than plain oatmeal πŸ™Š thanks for the inspo today

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