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You matter. If no one told you this today, I’m telling you this— you matter. Your feelings matter. They’re not too much or too strong or too annoying. They’re not unrealistic or crazy or naive. They’re you. They’re your depths and your emotions and they matter. Your heart matters. What you’re passionate about matters. The things that move you matter regardless of how society sees them, how your parents see them, and how your friends see them. Your passion is your calling and your calling matters no matter what it’s calling you to do. Your dreams matter. They’re not impossible, they’re not juvenile, they’re not unambitious and they’re not for everyone. Your vision matters. Your problems matter. The obstacles you face along the way are building your strength. The bumps you inadvertently take are making you a better driver, and all those tears you cried are washing you clean. Your tears matter and even your darkness matters. Your happiness matters. The details that you find joy in matter. The simple things that make you smile matter. The moments that take your breath away matter. You should seek them, you should find them and you should do more of them. Your smile matters. Your existence matters. It’s not accidental, you’re here because you have a story to tell and you’re here because you will have an impact. You matter. You always have and you always will. Maybe you forgot that because you’re surrounded by people who make you feel like you don’t, but you are enough and you are important and as long as you indubitably know that; nothing else matters. Words: @ranianaim Photo: @marisahampe



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