4 weeks ago
Inspirations are everywhere. Mothers help teach you this. 🌹 Here's mine; feeding her beautiful words to my mind. My poems are proverbs to me. Meaning, I live by these as my guide/rulebook. This is how I live with faith, day by day. I choose to share simply for the hope that it'll reach a helpless soul. We can dream of beautiful trees, but will you plant the seed today? Nurture & see it grow everyday??



  • cesarlopez_7404 weeks ago

    I love your writing!

  • nessa_sary_4 weeks ago

    @cesarlopez_740 thank you 🌹

  • nessa_sary_4 weeks ago

    @rosyrios1976 gracias bonita mamá mía 💕

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    ✅Very beautiful picture👏

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    I really appreciate your content , I’m for sure visiting here more often keep it up 🙌