3 months ago
Update Firefighter stations don't accept anything right now, they don't have were to store it anymore. They accept money donations which they don't really ask for, it's up to you. But victims of wildfire are still in shelters and people who were allowed to go back to their houses ( burned out to ash ) are still in need. So I Went to Pierce College. They have place other than "Red Cross " where they collect stuff for victims of fire ... They were very happy to receive some help. Thank you @tansy1121 , you have biggest heart in the world ! 😘 #californiawildfires #gofundme #helpfirefighters #helpvictims



  • staynlife3 months ago

    Write us an email so my husband can also read your story and we can make conclusion on how much to help with.

  • nika_gendelman3 months ago

    @willinghelprs thank you so much , just donate money if you can , to Red Cross 👉 disaster relief, and it will go to people who lost their homes due to wildfire .