2 months ago
pictures fool you when you look deeper Being within the consciousness of the body , observing, experiencing, and knowing the levels of frequencies within the universal sacred geometry that balances the energy within . You will learn to work with the energy and balance the flow as its aligning within it's own algarhythms . Once you close your eyes ipen your inner sight you see the patterns and colors of geometric shapes that are constantly moving. In being able to see , sense feel then as you are apart of them. More and more of the truth will reveal it self to you in the creation of all essence and forms . When something isn't aligned you will hear and feel how to release by touch as it leaves from the inner realm. once you listen and pin point the area .You will feel the force with a pressure as it comes out of the brain like a beam of light as a thought form going back to its source of creation .Back to the point where it was accepted in the matrix of the vessel that choose to receive it out of a darker place of lower from fear based emotions that opened the energy body within the aura . When this thought form/entity is removed .It from the completion of the experience from which you have come to a truce and no longer require it's from. As you command it to leave , once gone .The whole will come into a silence as the unity work once again as a whole . It once again re aligns in completion and closes that porthole it came into, as once again expresses such harmony and balance as there is no emotions in this higher realm of frequencies. Unity as a whole where all vibrations unite and compete a whole universal life form within the skin of the body . When you observe all around you everything has these patterns and movement that harmoniously vibrate and move with such beauty as its natural biorythyms work as one . In this space of patterning it is the most incredible observation of I call love to feel all living presence simultaneously inside and outside as we are one.(like the movie Lucy ) . To know is to be one with as you are .🔑🚪❤️ 🚪🌍 #life #lifestyleblogger #lifecoach #lifecoaching #happiness #renew #choices #instagood #i